Aquamarine Moon

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This listing is for one intuitively chosen Aquamarine moon. 

Can you tell we're obsessed with moon carvings? We were so excited when we saw these during a crystal hunt because these carvings are extremely on-brand for us and we knew we had to choose out a few! These HQ Aquamarine moon carvings feature the most beautiful shades of blue. We love the variety we chose as some are extremely gemmy & transparent while some are more opaque. 

Aquamarine is known for its calming energies, reducing stress and relieving an overactive mind. This stone helps us to be more tolerant of others and be less judgemental. It is also excellent for meditation as it promotes serenity and relaxation.

Please note, the crystal you receive may be different than the ones pictured as they are all individually unique. 

Approx 3"

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